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About Swell Swimming

Swell Swimming was established in 2021 by Katie James & Flora Wilkinson. Swell Swimming was born from the turbulent year of 2020 which among many other happenings saw swimming and ocean swimming explode in popularity. Swell founders and lifelong swim instructors Katie & Flora saw the need for a fresh & fun swim instruction in Sydney. With this in mind Swell Swimming was founded and aims to help Sydney swimmers new and old learn, improve and swim well, all whilst having fun.

Katie James

Katie’s love of swimming and coaching originated from her experience in competitive swimming. She has been a swimming teacher for 9 years and in this time has taught both young and old, from the pool to the ocean and across all levels of swim ability. She has really seen it all when it comes to sloppy swim strokes so don’t be shy!

- AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety

- ASCTA Teacher of Competitive Swimming

- Waverley Councils Best and Brightest - Outstanding Youth Award 2018

Katie James

Flora Wilkinson

Flora has been teaching swimming since the tender age of 14! Her teaching experience has crossed borders from teaching in the UK, the USA and for the last 4 years in Sydney. Through this experience she has also taught all levels and abilities. However she has found her calling in adult stroke correction where she can whip your stroke into shape in just a couple of lessons. If you are thinking of signing up for a triathlon but you can’t swim - Flora is your girl!

- AUSTSWIM Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety

- AUSTWIM Teacher of Infants and Pre-school Aquatics

Flora Wilkinson
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