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You may call us mad for launching a swimming business right at the start of winter, as the temperatures start to drop, the days get shorter and Sydney-siders go into hibernation until October. But bear with us, at Swell Swimming we are big fans of winter swimming and believe the autumn/winter/spring seasons are the best opportunity to learn/improve/train before summer rolls around. Check out some of the reasons why you should make an effort to improve your swimming this WINTER instead of waiting until summer.

The water is still warm. Don’t be deceived by the cooler air temps, the water temperature in late autumn and early winter is actually warmer than in spring and the start of summer. This is because ocean temperature tends to lag behind the season changes, it takes a while to cool down after summer and a while to warm up again after winter. The ocean is like a big heat reservoir and has been warmed over the summer months and this takes a while to dissipate. By August it is actually cold but we don’t have to worry about that just yet.

Get ready for summer. When peak swimming season starts we want you to be able to get straight into it and have the skills and confidence to enter ocean swimming events, swimming with friends or do whatever you want with your new-found swimming ability. To do this it is best to get the hard work of learning and improving your stroke out of the way beforehand. That means starting NOW. Swimming is also a sport that requires consistency and regular training, by beginning your swim journey now this gives you the best chance at maintaining a regular swimming routine and becoming the best swimmer you can be by summertime.

Winter Swimming Clubs. Swimming isn’t just for summer. Sydney is home to many winter swimming clubs which run from May to September with the purpose of encouraging winter swimming, keeping fit and enjoying the mental & physical benefits of cold water. Clubs such as the Bronte Splashers & Bondi Icebergs, are also good for making friends and a sense of community.

We hope to have given you a friendly kick up the bum to get in the water this autumn/winter. If you need some more motivation and coaching to get into swim-shape drop us a message or book yourself into one of our upcoming stroke correction courses.

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