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Find the right swimming program for you

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Are you thinking about learning to swim or improving your swimming stroke but you are unsure where you should start? All of our swimming programs are designed to improve your stroke but one program may suit you more than the other, read below to find out which suits you.

Private Swimming Lessons

Our private swimming lessons are arranged at a time and a location which suits both you and our instructor. Our private lessons are all one hour long and you can choose from either a one off individual lesson or a package or three lessons as well as offering semi private and group lessons.

We recommend purchasing the package of three swimming lessons and taking the lessons consecutively over a short period of time to see the most difference in your swimming stroke.

Private lessons are best for you if you prefer individual instruction or if your schedule does not match with any of our group sessions. Private lessons are also good if you are particularly nervous or scared, or if you have ever had a negative experience in the water (it’s ok if you have - we can definitely help you!).

Open Water Swimming Lessons

Our open water lessons aim to build your confidence and swimming skills for open water. Similar to our private lessons these lessons are one hour long and usually conducted from open water environments such as Bondi Beach. During these lessons our coach will cover how to read the surf as well as negotiate different surf conditions.

Open Water Lessons are best if you are already confident in your swim stroke and don’t require much stroke correction but need to improve your open water confidence, knowledge, skills and ability to handle varying ocean conditions. Open Water Lessons are good preparation if you wish to do an ocean swim event or a triathlon.

Stroke Correction Course

Our 4 week stroke correction course runs monthly from Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre on Monday & Thursday evenings. The course is broken down over the 4 weeks and focuses on one part of your stroke each week from breathing to moving more efficiently through the water. This course is also a great way to lock you in for 4 weeks and commit you to improving your stroke and if you really want to see improvement you can enrol into twice a week.

Our Stroke Correction course is best for you if you are comfortable in deep water and would like to learn or improve your freestyle. It is also the best option if you enjoy learning in a group or with friends (the course is limited to 6 swimmers to 1 instructor) or if private lessons are out of your budget.

I hope this has helped you to discover which is the best way for you to improve your swimming. Drop us a message if you have any other questions or would like to enrol into a lesson or course.


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